About us

We are having vast experience in the field of springs manufacture and process. Pavithra Toolings was started in the year 1981, and since then, we have been catering to the customers in the field of Electrical, Automobile, Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Power and Energy Sector, Computer Manufacturing, Defence, Aeronautics, Railways etc.

The company has been manufacturing speciality spring for critical applications such as fuel injection, brakes, valve application, missile technology etc.

Today, Pavithra Toolings is associated with some of the best brand names globally for spring manufacture and Related Services. The company wishes to be a major player in the exports market and Related near future.

To render the best quality of products to our customers, Pavithra Toolings was first quality certified in the year 1996.

We currently operate from a facility spread over 12,000 sq ft. Well trained and dedicated employees are the human Assets Catering to the market. We will soon be expanding our facility to 40,000 sq ft having an in-house tool design and development capabilities.

We are the members of Kassia, CII, AKMA, Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, Indo German Chambers OF Commerce, Institute of Spring Technology - UK.

Under the Leadership of Mr. R.P.Shirodkar, a technical graduate with advance training in tool design and tool development for wire forming, strip and metal forming technology, the company has established itself as the innovators in the field of spring manufacture.

Future Plan

  • Consolidation of Associate companies in Karnataka under M/s.Tech Pavithra Engineering Private Limited IQ.2013
  • Creation of new facilities in Tataguni and Harohalli, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore (under progress)
  • Joint venture in Panthnagar, Uttaranchal under the name, M/s Melford Pavithra Technologies.
  • Joint venture in Ahmedabad, Gujarat under the name M/s Sagardeep Pavithra Technologies Limited.

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